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Why Hire Security Services?

November 3rd, 2014 by FPI

Security is one of the most important matters in our lives. Be it your home, your workplace or any other place, security has become a big concern which must be handled and taken care of efficiently. There are many security firms in Miami, but is here with state-of-the-art equipment and offers of the best bodyguards and patrol guards in the area. Miami, being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the United States, is always busy and the residents are in constant need of security from theft and attacks from strangers. A security service provider must take care of all your security needs. The reasons you should hire a security service listed below.

Safe Home:

The protection of your home and loved ones is a number one priority. The job of a security service company is to address your concerns and offer an environment where you and your family can concentrate on important business and leave security concerns behind. A professional security company, when offering services at a new client’s location, carries out a property survey of security needs and identifies all risk factors. All these concerns are shared with the client, and security arrangements are taken into consideration accordingly. They employ experts in the field and ensure that clients will not face any mishaps. Clients are advised to install CCTV cameras and the arrangement is made to regularly maintain them, and they advise which locations CCTV cameras should be installed. They also ensure that all CCTV cameras are functioning properly.

Safe Workplace:

Safety at the workplace is also an issue of concern for most of businesses. One cannot fully trust the people coming into the workplace, and the character of employees is always a matter of concern. Since there are many new employees joining an organization and old employees leaving organization, security becomes a challenging issue. A professional security service company offers a solution to all your workplace security related concerns. The workplace is completely secured with state-of-the-art equipment. Patrolling guards have proper knowledge and they are equipped with excellent, modern patrolling vehicles. The patrolling schedule must be decided on and followed regularly. In addition, security professionals are required to keep an eye on employees’ movements and bring any suspicious activity to the management’s attention.  Checking prospective employees is also taken care of by the experts, and various techniques are used to ensure that newly appointed manpower is not engaged in any activity which may cause harm to the organization or cause damage to the property.

Personal Security

The security of an individual is a top priority. We all know the value of a human life, and in a big city like Miami, where you never know what may happen, one can never be too sure. Security companies in Miami offer you expert bodyguards that will look after your safety when you move around. The role of a personal bodyguard is challenging and requires a lot of presence of mind. A personal bodyguard is expected to act wisely in challenging situations. Sometimes they may guide their client in the situation and ask them to take proper care of related issues. Clients must follow the instructions of the security professionals, since they are responsible for all security issues. These guards undergo rigorous training before being dispatched, and have been thoroughly been screened by the experts.

FPI Security Services is one of the best Security Companies in Miami, FL.

Specialized Services Provided by Security Companies

November 3rd, 2014 by FPI

There are many security service companies in Miami, but without a doubt, is one of the best for many reasons. Security companies offer you the services you need to safeguard your surrounding environment, be it your home or your workplace.

Vigilant Guardhouses:

Guardhouses have become a necessity in large complexes where a regular influx and outflow of people and vehicles takes place throughout the day.  There is always a risk of strangers and unwanted people getting inside the campus. Professional security companies in Miami manage residential and commercial guardhouses. They are efficient and appropriate for the required environment. The guardhouses ensure the safe and proper entry of tenants and guests in to the building. The guards are trained and carefully watch the people as well as the vehicles entering and leaving the complex.

Safety of Men and Material:

A construction site is a place where the need for security guards is always appreciated. Professionally trained guards are skilled at safeguarding the precious construction materials and looking after the workforce at the site. The dispatch staff and the security officers are fully equipped to handle emergency situations at all times. Any mishap on the construction site can be fully taken care of by all the guards. The construction materials and the site need the most protection at the night time when nobody is around, and this job is handled in the best possible manner by expert security service companies. All this is necessary to prevent theft or destruction of materials.

Patrolling the Client’s Property

There are places like big factories or large compounds or residential areas where it is not possible for a single guard to protect the whole area. Specialized patrolling vehicles are needed to prevent any mishap. Also, a team of security guards must be dedicated to patrolling services. They must observe the site closely and report any suspicious movements to the client. A security company uses specialized vehicles which are capable of following suspects, even in speeding cars. This is quite challenging, but they have received specialized training to handle challenging situations; is capable of carrying out all these activities with great ease.

Screening Employees

A security service company must help its employers screen their future employees. There are various methods that the company adopts for the pre-employment screening. The employment of polygraph exams, background checks, credit reports and workman’s compensation checks is carried out. The polygraph exam is used to check the honesty and the true character of the employee, and whether he is suitable to be a part of your prestigious company. Background checks and credit reports are checked properly by expert analysts.

Drug Free Environment

Companies believe in a drug free environment and strict disciplinary actions are taken against employees if they are found guilty of substance abuse. Drug abuse is not tolerated during working hours and within the work place. To follow this policy, regular drug tests are conducted on employees.

FPI Security Services meets all the standards which a professional security service should offer. Truly it is the best security company in Miami.

Quality Security Services is over everything

November 3rd, 2014 by FPI

There is no alternative to quality security services. For any security company to survive in the competitive market, it is necessary to offer the best possible security solutions. One or two small incidents can ruin the image of a security company. A security company should implement a framework which delivers the best possible results to ensure a client’s property and the safety of people involved. In the past, many security companies have suffered a lot because of a lack of client satisfaction. It is also expected that a security company should behave in a responsible manner to any query from the client and must not ignore even small issues. The quality control procedures of a security business are properly followed by If you are staying in Miami, it is considered one of the best possible security companies in Miami.

Client-Company Relationship

The client is the biggest asset that any company has, and to maintain proper communication between a client and the company is important. This is what makes a company better than the rest. Giving individual and personalized attention to each client is important for a security service company. Every client has special needs, and a security company should take care of all the needs that the client has. A security company must understand the specific security needs and work with the client with great co-operation. From time to time, they must advise management of all the developments, and if the need arises, should make changes in security plans.

Best Guards in Miami, FL

Employing expert manpower is the primary job of any security service company. Guards should get adequate training to handle their jobs in the best possible manner. They should be trained to handle the required arms and should also be taught when to use them. When dealing with personal security of important people, deployed guards must be screened properly with a clean history, and there must be a mechanism to ensure that they are not in association with any harmful elements.

Quality Equipment

If the guards are top quality, so must be the equipments used by them. A professional security service company offers clients the best equipment capable of handling any adverse situation. Clients are provided with security plans including the best alarm systems and efficient CCTV cameras.  Guards make use of state-of-the-art patrolling vehicles to ensure the security of clients’ homes and workplaces. The patrolling vehicles are equipped with radios, GPS tracking, mobile computer terminals, video recording, etc. Clients can receive daily GPS tracking reports, and still photographs are also provided on request.

Ethical Business Practices

A professional security service company must have proper guidelines for its staff. If any employees are caught in an unethical situation during working hours, strict disciplinary actions must be taken against them by the security company, which may include termination from services. Additionally, background checks are done on employees. If employees receive punishment then they must be on the security company’s watch list of to prevent any mishaps in the future.

FPI Security Services is one of the best security companies in Miami.

What to expect from your security service provider?

August 5th, 2014 by FPI

Every other day, crime and theft scenes make up the most on news headlines, which makes the entire atmosphere worrisome. Thus, present scenario demands high end safety systems, equally in the residential as well as corporate societies. Today, as you look up on the online directories, undoubtedly you can find numerous security service providers promising top notch services, but are they really doing their jobs? Indeed, this is difficult to answer until they are well recognized or have been recommended to you by someone.

Security guard companies in Miami, make use of the advanced technologies deployed in providing security services and detecting any signs of threats. An alarming need of security is felt in the corporate world where loss of business, thefts, leak of information can risk your company’s reputation.  Therefore, when choosing a safeguarding company, ascertain its authenticity. It is of utmost importance that security service is authorized, and well known in the area, for instance the FPI security services.

To move ahead, the security company in Miami should be capable of analysis and development. In simple words, this means that the company should not just vaguely distribute the security service, instead before extending its services it should study the building to be safeguarded very deeply and then make an extensive security plan accordingly. Another feature, which a security provider must fulfill, is authorized access. A company is free of threats, if it has the potential to manage threats by sensing them earlier. Authorized access in restricted areas is one of the solutions to it. Thus, these days it is easy to find security agencies that offer guards and/or electronic patrolling equipments to deal with any unauthorized entry.

Hiring security guards Miami, to keep a watch on residential or business premises, is the need of the hour. To be a top notch security provider, it is necessary that your service extends round the clock, 24×7, 365 days, without fail especially in areas or industries which run 24 hours a day. it is a known fact that hazards and thefts are more prone in the nights, therefore, a company should have more powerful plans and guards to tackle in case of any emergency. These days companies also offer personal security guards for high profile people to safeguard them in their travels and public meetings, as they are almost in the threat zone.

For those searching security companies in Miami, FPI security is the solution to all your queries. The company is known for its quality services since ages. It is known for the various services that it offers to its customers including, specialized security officers, patrol equipments both manual and electrically operational, specialized services, entry access system and tour verifications. FPI security is the name of trust and excellence. FL security guards in Miami, are both armed and unarmed, associated with FPI, are extremely experienced in handling different situations tossing the results in their favor. With the patrolling and security service provided by this company, you will never regret your decision and a wonderful experience is assured.

How to select a trustworthy security services in Miami, FL

August 5th, 2014 by FPI

Miami is one of the most beautiful cities located in south east Florida and situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Being one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the United States there are many big businesses in the city, which means many security requirements domestically as well as commercially. There are endless security needs and as technology advances, security issues are also becoming harder to deal with, as security breaches are facilitated by the sophistication of technology. Miami is home to many influential personalities and is very important not only to the economy of the United States but also the whole world, it is very important for all these bigwigs to secure their businesses as well homes from all threats. Having a security guard in Miami is the practical application of the saying, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

If you are looking for a security company in Miami, FPI Security Services is the best choice you can make. We are one of the most renowned and acclaimed security agencies in Miami and the list of the services that we provide is perfect for securing your homes as well as work places. There are a number of security needs for any organisation, ranging from surveillance, patrolling, cameras, security devices, guards, etc. Home security is an equally important issue for people living in a metropolitan city as large as Miami.

There are a number of security companies in Miami, but the kind of services that we provide cannot be matched by any of our competitors. You must choose our services above all the other security companies in Miami if you are the kind of person who doesn’t compromise on quality of service. Quality control is our forte, and we believe that if a business lacks the ability of quality control, that business lacks success. Our security company is more than two decades old, which says a lot about its strong and sturdy presence. As security guard companies in Miami face severe competition, due to high quality of its service delivery, has been able to stay and succeed in this competitive market quite prominently.

Being one of the richest cities in FL, security guards in Miami are a must-have. Our focus is always on meeting the requirements of our clients exactly in the manner they desire. A lot of our emphasis is placed on interaction with our clients for the purpose of open and clear communication. It helps us deliver the services according to the vision of our clients. Our sophistication makes us stand out among other security guard companies in Miami. Our whole system is completely computerised with the most sophisticated technology available. This whole systematic arrangement and sophisticated technology makes our quality control mechanism nearly flawless.

Secure your work and home with the best security agency in Miami

August 5th, 2014 by FPI

According to ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’, security needs come after the basic physiological needs, which makes the ‘need of security’ among one of the most important needs for human beings. In today’s scenario, security is a very important element, not just with respect to homes but also with many other arenas. Events, parties, conferences, hotels, business firms, trade shows, schools and many other places need security, and the easiest way to get security is to hire a security company. FPI Security Services is one of the most trusted names among the security companies in Miami. It is the wisest choice for anybody who is looking for a security company in Miami to choose FPI Security as your security company. It has a history of 25 years serving its clients with flawless security services, and this experience makes it all the more authentic and reliable for its clients. It provides a whole range of services ranging from government security, banks and financial institutions to healthcare as well as residential and commercial services.

Among the above mentioned services the government-related services require the most sensitivity and caution. This is because government matters require a national level of security, which makes it a matter of national and global importance. We can say that with certainty that we are the best among all the security companies in Miami, because we use the most sophisticated and advanced technology along with the expertise of highly experienced personnel. This is how we have been able to deliver highly innovative and useful solutions for security to institutions established by the government of the United States of America. The modus operandi is to work in close proximity with the clients, be it a government establishment or a private client. By closely understanding the demands and vision of clients, we accordingly develop a plan as per the needs and specifications of the site. In FL, security guards in Miami are very important for every business sector as well as in homes.

There are many security guard companies in Miami, and before you decide to choose one to protect your home and business you must choose very wisely because it is a matter of the security of your loved ones, your money, your hard work and securing your privacy. provides a number of facilities keeping in mind the aspect of security apart from just providing the facility of security guards in Miami. Patrolling vehicles are one such service. FPI Security is responsible for the maintenance, licensing and insurance of all these vehicles.  These patrol vehicles are well-equipped with sophisticated features like:

· GPS tracking that helps the customers acquire all the reports on GPS tracking.

· Portable and mobile computer terminals which allow clients to receive daily reports easily and regularly.

· On the request of the client, video recording and still photography service is also available in these patrol vehicles.

Security Service Companies: Providing Unmatched Security Services

June 30th, 2014 by FPI

Everyone has to deal with some security issues. This has compelled several individuals to look for security agencies. Fortunately, there are many companies in the world today that offer quality security. With such excellent services, you can protect your property and family members from any kind of threat. Miami is home to many top-notch security companies that offer reliable services.

Before hiring a security company in Miami, ensure that they have sound supervision and training skills. Such professionals generally have a good knowledge of confronting intruders, terrorists and preventing malicious activities. Enquire about their training and skills to be sure that you are selecting a good company.

An established company has vast experience in security requirements. They understand the safety concerns of an individual very well. If you are facing any threats, they would note your problem attentively and come up with a solution. Security companies in Miami specialize in a wide range of security procedures, and they are well adept in offering protection in both residential and commercial sectors.

To find the right security companies in Miami, FL, browse through the websites of the companies you find online. Check the website of the security provider and have a look at the array of services provided by them. Check if they are capable of fulfilling your requirements. If you want to, you can even visit them in person or call them. Compare their services and prices to hire the right one for your needs.

Do not forget to read the feedback of the clients of the various security guards Miami to get an idea of the quality of the services they provide. Check with some of the references the companies provide to ensure that you are picking the right company for your protection. As security is a matter of concern, it is important that you do some research before you select the right company. A little time and effort spent towards finding the best agency can give much needed peace of mind to you and your family.

A good service provider will have excellent communication skills. They also have the requisite certification to carry on with their tasks. A trustworthy security guard Miami has a very good reputation, and thus they have excellent repeat business. They give high importance to customer satisfaction.

Security agencies that conduct regular training programs and sessions for their employees are always preferable over companies that do have any programs to enhance the expertise and knowledge of their staff. Always choose companies that have a wider presence and are thus more knowledgeable about the security needs of different kinds of clients.

Although there are hundreds of such companies in the area, very few are insured and licensed to offer services in the state. You need to look for security companies in Miami that can be trusted to provide excellent services, such as FPI Security. FPI Security is known for offering the best security services in the city.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Security Company, Miami

June 30th, 2014 by FPI

As security guards are responsible for protecting people and property, it is essential that they are screened carefully before they are hired. It is the responsibility of the person hiring to ensure that he is choosing the right candidates.

Often, security companies in Miami are busy with several clients and sometimes they rush through their selection process. While talking to a security company in Miami, enquire about their hiring standards. Take the time to interview the company thoroughly, as ultimately you will be the one depending on their protection. Here are some questions to ask your future security guards during the interviewing process.

1. What kind of security experience do you possess?

2. Do you have any experience of working in our industry?

3. What goals do you have in this field?

4. Why are you doing this job?

5. What would you do to deal with a confrontational person?

6. Do you have the requisite skills to qualify for the job?

7. How would you handle a fight at work?

8. Are you punctual and disciplined?

9. What are your weaknesses and how are you trying to correct them?

10. Do you have insurance and certification?

At the end of the interview, you must feel comfortable about the company. If you are not comfortable, share your concerns with them.

Security companies in Miami, FL, have several responsibilities, from patrolling property and inspecting the premises to offering protection against break-ins, terrorism, fire and criminal activities. Security guards Miami are often the first to defend their client’s property, prevent criminal situations and ensure that laws are enforced on the premises. The location and size of the organization plays a major role in determining the responsibilities of a security guard. The range of duties is generally addressed during the training period. Proper security training is the first step towards becoming an excellent security guard.

Your security officers should have a basic education to be able to comprehend your instructions and directions. Moreover, they must co-ordinate with other people so they should have the right knowledge to interact with others in the right manner. Check if they have driving licenses and the training to provide first aid services. Try to find guards who are disciplined, as they would be required to carry out their duties in a timely fashion.

With the increase in crimes, the requirement of security services has gone up. More and more people are now increasingly turning towards these agencies to help them feel safe and secured. While searching for security guard companies in Miami, do not go for the first company you come across. Take your time to find something that addresses all your concerns. Security companies cater to different kinds of requirements; make sure they have good experience in offering the kind of protection you require.

You can ask your personal contacts if they have any recommendations for the best security guard Miami. The best place to search for security service companies is the internet. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to know about the different companies in your area that offer such services. Choose a reputable company such as FPI Security for excellent security services.

security companies in Miami, FL,

June 30th, 2014 by FPI

Security companies in Miami provide security officers who have the requisite skill and expertise to protect the residents of an apartment or office from any kinds of risks and threats. These agencies offer guards for hire, and residents or organizations looking for security personnel can contact these agencies to get the right professionals for their work.  When hiring a guard, it is important to ensure that they are licensed and insured. Here are some of the benefits of employing professional security guards.

1. Professional security companies in Miami, FL, help to decrease loss reduction - Homes and businesses are attractive grounds for robbers and thieves. Most people lead hectic lives and can do with an extra hand when it comes to overseeing the security of an area. While one may wish to save on the monthly expense of a security service, there might be unimaginable losses in terms of goods and materials.

2. Decrease in insurance premiums - Some insurance companies in Miami require that you have good security measures in place before they provide coverage. This is a good way to pay lower premiums while ensuring the security of your premises at the same time. Have a security system in place before you go to an insurer.

3. Reduced security guards supervision - Managing private guards can be a lot of work for organizations that are busy. The best option in this case is to outsource the services to the professionals of a security company in Miami who will handle all the work with regards to personnel planning and deployment. The agencies will supervise staff and provide you with reports at regular intervals. If you have any requirements and instructions, they can be simply communicated to the company to execute.

4. Better equipped to handle emergencies - With a professionally trained team of security guards Miami on duty, any place is better equipped to deal with all kinds of emergencies that may occur. With rising incidents of accidents, terrorism and robberies, it is important to have someone who is well experienced in emergency as well as first aid procedures.

5. Feel safe and protected - In today’s world where security is becoming a prime concern, the services of security guard companies in Miami has become very essential. While in the past it was believed that only the privileged classes required security, it is now a fact that everyone requires a minimum amount of security to feel safe. Apart from houses and offices, security services are also required in educational institutes, malls, religious places, etc.

While considering a security guard in Miami, many people looking for security services for their businesses or homes tend to check the price first and then the quality. Keep in mind when it comes to security, cheap might not always be the best option. It is best to opt for a reputable firm with favorable rates. Any reliable firm such as FPI Security that has a focus on training, supervision and excellent customer care is good. They have business measures in place to provide protection and bring down losses significantly.  Stay away from informal guards who do not have the proper training or professionalism.

What points must you consider when hiring the services of security companies in Miami?

May 30th, 2014 by FPI

A security guard standing outside your home, factory or office is somebody who secures it. He is the first person who interacts with any of visitors and knows everything about the security system of your household or office space. It is a big responsibility on his shoulders as well as a huge matter of trust vested in him, as any mistake or deliberate attempt to cause damage to you on his part is something too scary to imagine.

Miami is a very big city, one of the biggest in the United States, not just in terms of population or area but in terms the commerce and industries it is home to. It is nicknamed the cruise capital of the world and is considered one of the most important centres for commerce, IT, and finance as well as a hub of international trade. If you have a growing business in the important and exciting city of Miami, it is imperative you to get in touch with some reputable security companies in Miami. Security guards in Miami are not just needed for the sake of protecting a business, but something even more important and dear to you: Your home and your loved ones. Big crimes more often occur in big cities, so do not take even a slight chance in terms of the security of your family and work. There are plenty of excellent security guard companies in Miami that can provide you with reliable and well-trained security guards.

Here are a few points you must check while deciding the best option among the various security companies in Miami, FL.

· Experienced company: When you have decided to invest money in the security of your work or home, do not compromise on the aspect of experience. Amateur companies with not much credibility and positively word of mouth must not be given priority when choosing a security company in Miami. It is always better to go with a renowned and trusted name in the matter of security.

· Legal entity of the company with a license: It is a factor people often overlook once the illegally formed or non-licensed security company woos them with a nicely made up office and hospitality. Security is an issue of legal concern, and the training these security guards receive for combat, etc.,  necessary qualities for them to present. Do not fall prey to the gimmicks and ensure beforehand that the company is properly registered and follows all the required regulations.

· Emergency services and 24X7 Protection: Technically the need for security is to deal with contingencies and emergencies. So, if you are going to hire a security guard in Miami, ensure beforehand that their services will be provided seven days a week. This is the headache of the security company in what manner they will make this arrangement. You must also ensure the clause for emergency services beforehand, because that is the ultimate purpose of having security services: to deal with emergency security conditions.

Our assesor will be happy to provide you with a quotation for your needs.









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