Locked keys in car Austin

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Locked keys in car Austin

It is easy to want to break the window or try one of the popular ways to pop the car lock when in a hurry. This option not only adds a bill to repair the glass, but it may also land you in trouble with the traffic authorities. Calling a locksmith company to unlock the car door offers numerous advantages that will save you time and money in the long run.

Benefits of hiring a professional locksmith

Quick response time

Most drivers forget to carry around a spare key in their pocket as they drive around. You do not have the guarantee of not locking out the keys and wondering how long you can wait or stand in the rain. A professional locksmith company in your area will retrieve your keys in no time because they have enough experience and tools to fasten the process.


Most people will throw caution in the wind to have a timely appearance to the office or an event. The delicacy and expertise of a professional locksmith ensure the only feature that receives alteration is the system or the key.

Ideally, you should prioritize your safety if you are in a remote area. It does not take long to mug a person standing seemingly lonely by the road. Find the safest place to wait as we hurry to retrieve locked keys in a car in Austin.

Insurance billing

You may not have to pay out-of-pocket depending on the details of your insurance. You will, however, fork our every penny if you choose a DIY route to remove the keys. A good technician will bill your insurance directly and prevent any financial strains. Make sure you get a receipt of the transaction as viable proof for future cases.

Methods of retrieving locked keys in a car in Austin


Most vehicles have a keyless entry system. The locksmith reprograms the system without damage.


Some vehicles have a theft deterrent tool known as an immobilizer. The immobilizer prevents the car from starting after unauthorized entry. Auto locksmiths are efficient at fixing this issue and will get your vehicle going in no time.


The locksmith will remove the broken key or essential part before entering the duplicate key. They can also use a door handle clip to take out the retainer clip that locks the door’s handle.

Mechanical cutting

Modern technological vehicles use a key analyzer to frame out the key while making a duplicate.

Slim Jim

The Slim Jim is a primary tool that one inserts between the glass and the weatherstrip feature. Using the device is only natural if one has the right knowledge, experience, and training to open the door without disabling the airbag and electrical system.

J and L

Older cars with switched lock and unlock buttons on the inner panel have a design that can accommodate the J tool. The L tool works the same as the J tool but is only convenient for specific car designs and models.

Many locksmith technicians offer the same services at almost the same prices. The difference lies in choosing one who can provide the best service at a fraction of the time. Contact us now or save our website and number for immediate assistance in Austin.


Locked keys in car Austin

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